Skylab Vimana

Skylab Vimana is a collaborative online game, ideal for mobile or tablet because of its simple controls and interface. Players are challenged to pair up in a 6-floor space laboratory that is poised to crash into a star.


The game was programmed by Francisco Amezcua Garcia, and features the environment art of Omega Saavedra as well as icon graphic design by Dreama Jeantet. I produced the music and sound effects as well as the game design itself.


Players must navigate the glitchy "security system" which threatens to trap them in the space station as it crashes. They must work together to navigate the floors to the escape hatch before it's too late.

Follow this link to play the game. Note: you MUST have another person follow the same link at the same time on another device to play the game. (Not recommended for an older smart phone but it's worth a try!)


View my process book of paper prototyping, testing and programming this game here.