Descry Board Game



Descry is a social board game made for the 8 to 12 age group and hosts 2 to 4 players at once. It was originally constructed with scrap materials and then went on to being professionally printed on natural linen cardstock. The final print is illustrated by Katie Hamill, who added a new world of color and texture to the cards and board pieces.

Each player uses a stakes of their color to keep track of their winnings on the score board. Players spin the wheel to select one of four categories.




The challenge cards.

The players are forced to make judgement calls on the character and actions of other players for two of the challenges. In "Would you..." players must make a judgement about the values of their peers. In "Friend or Foe," players have to decide if their peers are telling the truth or not.

In the "Paradigm Shift" category, players have the ability to change the fate of their peers by placing a new rule card on the table.

In "What Am I?" players enjoy knowing the answer to the riddle, and picking on a friend to see if that player can guess the answer.

The process of conceptualizing, re-designing and testing the game can be viewed in PDF form here.