DreamScape 2014




DreamScape is a 3d first person adventure game where the player wanders in search of answers and to figure out the nature of the dream world. The player discovers new abilities and clues to their past and the meaning of abstract people and things found in the dream.

Map of the DreamScape overworld with item locations.

I wanted to create a game that requires exploration, and a good memory of what is discovered. I liked the idea of a mysterious and alluring world, in which secrets can be found. In the game, players wander a vast landscape without any introduction to the premise of the game.

The process book that chronicles the process of creating and testing the first scene with Christian Motola as programmer, modeler and visual effects artist. View the pdf here.

The game can be played here. A Unity player is required, and you will be prompted to download it after clicking the link.