F i r s t P r o t o t y p e



Game Environment

The map of the game is the five-floor space shuttle, Vimana, which is viewed from a bird's-eye view. The players view the floor-plan of the level that he or she currently stands on. He or she can also see the floor just below the current one. Each floor contains a maze-like series of shapes that create rooms and hallways with locked doors. Each player controls one crew member and must maneuver him or her through a maze of locked doors from the bottom floor to an escape hatch on the top floor. Players have the ability to walk, collect items, open doors, and exchange items with other players.

The low-fi prototype shown in this document consists of the floor plan of each level of Skylab Vimana. The players start at the first floor and move their way to the next level through a portal. Doors must be opened with keys, of which there are only so many. Each player has a random assignment of where they will spawn in each level. The places where players may spawn are indicated by the blue empty boxes. They may be in a position with immediate access to a generative unit, or not.  Consult the legend below for graphic depictions of these assets. The legend shown below applies to the assets found on each floor. Two of the floors contain additional portals which will be explained below.
Space is limited in each level, and players will not be able to progress far without each other's help. Some players will be able to move ahead, but they will losing karma points, which are calculated based on the amount of players in the game.

First Floor


Second Floor

The second stage is one of two that hold portals. The portals only connect to one other portal, as marked by the letters in the diagram. In the game, it will not be apparent which portals lead to which. Portals can be entered and re-entered, allowing the player to return to the place where they entered the corresponding portal. They can do this infinitely many times. Players will generate in one of the five places in the room. The teal square in the center is an opening, through which the previous floor can be viewed.



On the third floor, the walls are created by long slabs, and the rest of the area is the area on which players walk. Players will start the level in one of two spaces, based on chance. The round, oblong area in the bottom is an opening in the floor, through which the previous floor can be viewed (see next page).

Third Floor




Fourth Floor

When players enter the fourth floor, they will enter in one of the five different spots in the room. Some will have access to GU's and some will not. They will be able to view the floor below through the gap in the middle of the room, designated by the green shape.

The fifth floor contains five pairs of portals. They are labeled in the diagram to indicate which portals are connected. They will not be labeled in the game, and so players will not know which portals are connected with which, and they will have to remember when going back through them again. Portals can be entered and re-entered, allowing the player to return to where they were. The yellow portal that normally takes players to the next level actually signifies the end of the game in this final level.

Fifth Floor