P a s t W o r k

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DreamScape (2010)

DreamScape Game

I programmed this game in Unity, creating simple assets and textures. I used a plug-in for Unity to create dialogue between characters. I created icons in Illustrator, as well as 3D assets in Sketch-Up and Blender, and imported them into the game engine.

I designed the gameplay, adjusted the player point-of-view and speed of movement, created particles and a skybox, as well as using the engine to place trees and create a lifelike terrain with mountains and valleys.

Space Girl (2010)


Space Girl 3D Character

A character I conceptualized, modelled, textured, rigged and animated in Maya 2010.

My knowledge of modeling, texturing and animating increased dynamically during this project. I will be able to use the skills used in the creation of this project to create 3D assets for the game and animate characters.

Jeopardy Game (2011)

Jeopardy Game

A text-only game of Jeopardy I created using Visual Studio C++ in C++ Programming I during Fall quarter 2011.

My knowledge of C++ will allow me to program my game in Unreal.


Sensory Deception (2010)

Sensory Deception Board Game

A board game I conceptualized, designed and created out of cardboard and other scrap material.

Players answer questions and place pegs of their color onto the board. After all peg-holes are filled, pegs are counted and the player with the most pegs in their color wins the game. Up to three players can participate in a game. This project demonstrates my ability to design a unique game and test it methodologically to come to a well-structured game.

The Red Queen (2010)

The Red Queen Board Game

A game I created collaboratively with Heather Smith. We conceptualized the game and its mechanics together. I created the spin wheel and the game pieces, such as the wire connectors and wooden posts. This was my first board game and I learned the process of conceiving, prototyping, and testing a game idea and the questions involved such as the flow of the game, the challenge, and any possible dead-ends to the gameplay.

M117dA17CE (2011)


A flash game where the player interacts with a virtual preset music machine. Player can choose between three original music loops and use soundbites that are cut from popular dance tracks (see credits in game menu). I created all graphics in Illustrator, animated the game in Flash and composed original music loops. This project allowed me to structure an interactive piece with several stages and menu, and also stretched my ability to create eclectic 2D illustrations with a consistent and dynamic color scheme.